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Ksenia Karnejenko

Hello Lash Artists, my name is Ksenia (read like [Xeniya]) and I am passionate about lash extensions since 2012. My journey began with poor lash training that left me hungry for deep knowledge that allowed Russian lash stylists to achieve beautiful sets that mesmerised me. Located in Scotland I had to travel abroad to receive the education that would allow me to understand the art & science of perfect lash extensions and lash lifts. My background is jewellery design & silversmithing, so attention to details, understanding the foundation and processes that affect the outcome is extremely important to me.

Since 2012 I have completed over 20 lash trainings and from 2016 I have competed in 10 competitions and won 12 award and trophies. Since 2018 I have organised lash events that help lash artists from all over the world to connect, learn from each other and exchange experiences.

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