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Mariola Mikolajczyk

As the proprietor of Innovation Beauty LTD and Innovation Beauty Academy, Mariola is an accomplished trainer for eyelash extensions, lash lift and eyebrow treatments she also delivers business training such as marketing and social media management for those therapists wishing to develop their beauty business.  


Mariola has secured distribution rights for the I'm The Lashmaker brand in the jurisdiction of Great Britain, as well as this, she remains Ambassador and authorised trainer for many global brands, including InLei and Nikk Mole.  


From her base in the UK, Mariola frequently travels throughout the UK, Europe and further afield delivering training to hundreds of students.  Her expertise is in high demand as she regularly gets invited to judge eyelash competitions across Europe, Asia as well as international online competitions.  


Having had countless articles published in specialist Lash magazines, Mariola remains a respected speaker at lash and brow conferences.  She has received many awards and special prizes in the category of 'Expert in Eyelash & Eyebrow Styling' and remains Europe's champion for eastern methods of eyebrow styling.


Mariola is a fully qualified cosmetologist in the field of non-invasive and invasive facial treatments.

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